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Ora, a Maori word meaning to survive, be alive, well, safe, cured, fit, recovered, healthy, and healed.

Ora exists to do just this; we provide Organic food to survive and live a Healthy Life, to help you feel truly alive everyday because your body will thrive, to feel well and not tired because you will be Nourished, to be safe knowing that what your're eating is Real, to be cured through eating only Goodness, to be fit because the food you eat gives you energy, to recover through nutrient density and restoration, to be healthy because that's what we do and to help heal you by being able to survive, while being alive, well, safe, cured, fit, and recovered by Nourishing your body.

We make all of this possible through our Community, by knowing our suppliers and where our supplies come from, using produce that is grown how it should be, not using processed ingredients, only using Real ingredients to create Real Food.


We will Cook for you as We would Cook for our Family and that is because we only want Goodness, Health, and Happiness for Everyone.

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