At Ora we try to make as less of an impact on the environment as possible. 

We do this by reducing, reusing, recycling, and supporting suppliers with a similar attitude towards respecting the environment.


Some examples of what we do:



- Ora Packaging - Single use items have a severe impact on the earth this is why Ora is plastic free.

    • We do this by not serving plastic cutlery, plastic bags, plastic straws, takeaway container or plastic coffee lids

    • All bags, coffee cups, takeaway containers are made from biodegradable recycled paper

    • Cutlery and Coffee lids are made from Corn or Sugar Cane Fibre

  • Cleaning Chemicals

    • Our range of cleaning supplies have been accepted by the Local Government NSW and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Partnership, adhering to the Sustainable Choice program’s environmental protection guidelines.

    • 100%  Plant based multipurpose cleaner

    • Hand soap made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle.


  • Packaging: When possible we like to give packaging back to our suppliers so that they may reuse them. We do this by sending back

    • Tins for holding our coffee beans

    • Egg cartons / boxes

    • Wax, styrofoam, and cardboard boxes for fruit and vegetables

    • Rubber bands from vegetable and herb bunches

    • 15ltr buckets are donated to local tradies to reuse on their job sites


  • Meat

    • Most of our meat is slow cooked. After cooking we pick the meat and use the bones to make our broth.

    • We also encourage nose to tail eating. We use less popular cuts of meat such as offal to ensure that we are using the whole animal, this ensures the entire animal is appreciated and has a purpose.

  • Produce: Most scraps that we have after preparing our produce is used in things such as flavouring stocks and broths, stock pastes, pestos and juices.

  • Scraps & Plate Wastage: Used tea leaves, vegetable scraps, and plate wastage is collected separately from our waste bins and given to locals as chicken feed and compost.


Recycling: At Ora we recycle 3 different ways.

- Soft Plastic: All soft plastic packaging is collected and deposited at our local REDcycle Bin.

- Paper and Cardboard: Through our waster service provider we collect and recycle all cardboard boxes, and paper

- Plastic, Aluminium, and Glass Bottles: These are all recycled through waste service provider using their Commingled Recycling service

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